Celebrating Arbor Day

national arbor day

Friday, April 28

Trees are the most familiar, visible, and impactful environmental assets we share and enjoy within Afton Village. We congratulate those homeowners who have planted new trees over recent years for all the beauty and value they contribute. We hope others will be encouraged and inspired by these new trees and do the same. Throughout Houston, the most desirable neighborhoods have well-established and maintained trees–for good reason!

Trees are an essential part of what makes Afton Village special and the preservation and care of our trees must continue to be a priority for everyone. They enhance our environment, provide shade to our homes by reducing energy costs, provide habitat for local wildlife, and reduce noise pollution. Trees act to improve our air quality along with biodiversity among other canopy trees within our surrounding community.

This year, Afton Village Homeowners Association would like to recognize Trees for Houston and Rick Breidenbach who together collaborated in providing a variety of 45 oak tree saplings for our Afton Village neighbors! The variety of species consisted of Shumard Red Oaks, Nuttall Oaks, Pecans, Pin Oaks, and Texas Red Oaks, all ranging in height from 4’ to 6’ tall. Rick and your HOA hope this will inspire others in the neighborhood to do their part in preserving our trees and continuing to plant replacements.

Rick’s donation was well-received by neighbors expressing appreciation for this contribution to Afton Village. The trees were located on his driveway where a “Free Trees” sign allowed for lots of meets and greets and conversations about trees and Afton Village.

If you missed this opportunity, Trees for Houston is holding a “Tanglewood Tree Giveaway” (all oak trees) this Saturday, April 29 between 9 AM – 11 AM at
1616 Tanglewood, between Sage and San Felipe.