Letter from the President

Dear Afton Village neighbors,

Again this year, the annual dues for your Afton Village Homeowners Association are $100 – $25 of which is dedicated to the beautification and maintenance of our Antoine medians. You can each take pride in Afton Village because you take care of your homes and your yards. Afton Village has a well-deserved reputation as beautiful treed neighborhood because of this. Your Homeowners Association (the AVHOA) works year-round to maintain the beauty of our neighborhood and the surrounding community, in part by maintaining the Antoine esplanades and by defending our Deed Restrictions.

The Antoine esplanades are our “front door” to visitors, so years ago we adopted them and now maintain them. This spring the plantings on the esplanades will be refreshed. The current building boom has been a challenge to our Deed Restrictions. As builders and homeowners submit plans for approval, we endeavor to protect the integrity, harmony and value of the neighborhood.

In recent years your AVHOA successfully implored the City to renew our concrete streets and our water and utility infrastructure. We upgraded our street lamps. We worked with both the City and Walmart to configure Silber Road to restrict cut-through traffic in Afton Village. Silber Road is scheduled to be renewed soon, and we are endeavoring to keep the current configuration. The City has agreed to install three new LED street lights on the now dark west side of Antoine.

Future plans that your Homeowners Association is working on include:

  • A “free tree” program for homeowners to be introduced later this year;
  • Collecting and updating information and publishing a new AVHOA Directory;
  • Providing current community news by e-mail and handouts;
  • Social events, including some specifically for our youngest Afton Villagers;
  • A 4th of July Parade;
  • Sponsoring a Spring Neighborhood Garage Sale Day with Village of Afton Woods;
  • Updating the Afton Village website, www.aftonvillage.org;
  • Continue to review and approve new building and remodeling plans as they are submitted;
  • More as problems come up and projects are suggested. Our AVHOA dues pay for all this.The AVHOA Board and Committees meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Sosa Community Center at 1414 Westview, across from the Kroger Shopping Center. You are always welcome to attend.The AVHOA Board and Committees thank you for taking good care of your homes and for your continued support of your community and of the AVHOA.

    Harold Kaufman
    2015 AVHOA President